Come Fly With Us!

ASIAN INSTITUTE OF AVIATION–PLANTERS AVIATION CORPORATION (AIA-PAC) is a joint venture duly registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission. AIA-PAC's principal office and training facility is based at the Subic Bay International Airport, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo City. It has a satellite office in Makati City and a hangar facility in the Manila International Airport area.

Our management team has a combined 50 years of global aviation experience covering flight training & operations, aircraft maintenance & regulatory compliance, and commercial & administrative functions.

The company is continuously forging ties with aviation partners to expand its service offerings.

Its aviation training unit, Asian Institute of Aviation, or AIA handles the company's primary business. AIA is committed to excellence in its core strength – the training and accreditation of future pilots and flight crew. AIA aims to provide the aviation industry here and abroad with qualified, competent and confident aviation professionals.

AIA offers good quality yet cost-effective aviation training courses. With PPL/CPL training at its essence, our curriculum is also designed to integrate smoothly with the Basic/General Operations Manual of many airlines. It has been set up with the view of complying with the joint standards set forth by the International Civil Aviation Authority, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Agency.

Theoretical instruction and actual flight training are handled by experienced instructors. Flight simulator training using the brand new RedBird MCX™ equipment adds full motion and flight control realism to the training experience.

Why AIA?

Asian Institute of Aviation offers a unique package that will enable students to obtain a Commercial Pilot License with Multi-Engine & Instrument Rating. The basic and complete license needed by a student to jumpstart his/her professional pilot career.

Welcome to Asian Institute of Aviation, Asia's premiere flight training academy! Dream. Believe. Fly with us and become a pilot!